Your Fall Guide to Layering Skincare

Your Fall Guide to Layering Skincare

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I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is change over my wardrobe for each season.  Last weekend, I carefully curated my Fall wardrobe and I’m so excited to layer up with scarves, cozy sweaters and wear my booties.  

I always loved the concept of “beauty wardrobing”. Similar to how we swap out our flowy linens for heavier wools in our closets during the cooler months, our skincare needs to shift too. To me (and, according to Ayurveda) our skin changes with each eason and so should our skincare routines.

If you’ve been a little confused on how to swap your skincare products and/or which order to layer them, you’re not alone. It can get a little overwhelming so I wanted to create a little guide for you.  

First let’s do a quick little skin health lesson:

For fall skincare, you really want to bring back the moisture that you took out in the summer. When the temperatures drop, your skin craves more of an occlusive layer to stay plump and moisturized as the air becomes less humid.   Makes sense right?

Too often skincare routines can seem too time-consuming or too confusing or maybe just too high maintenance for your minimal approach to life.

Even though I’ve been working with skincare for years, I still can sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the product options, the steps, the dos, the don’ts. And when I was first starting to put a skincare routine together for my skin, I had no idea what products were best or the proper steps.

While I don’t follow a one-size-fits-all philosophy for skincare (that’s the beauty of our unique, individual, ever-evolving skin needs!), I am going to share some basic skincare steps I’ve discovered along the way that make a BIG difference for skin health. 


STEP 1:  Wake Up Call - WATER

I suggest keeping cleansing reserved for your evening skincare routine. Cleansing twice a day can actually be more stripping and harmful to your skin health - so simply splashing skin with lukewarm water (or cold if your complexion needs a bit of a pick me up!) is all you need to freshen up your face first thing in the morning. (my only exception to this rule is if I do a really strenuous workout and get sweaty, then I might grab a gentle cleanser in the morning, even in the wintertime).


In the mornings, toner is a must - and is technically the first product you’ll apply. Hydrosols hydrate and replenish the skin’s protective barrier while prepping the skin to deeply soak in your serum and/or moisturize.  (You can also make your own toner with ACV (apple cider vinegar) or with witch hazel).

My Fall Pick: LILFOX Mystical Awakening



Serums are skin superfoods with potent levels of pure essential oils and active ingredients to target and treat specific skin conditions. You can pick one or even try alternating each serum into your skincare routine depending on your unique skin needs! 

My Fall Pick: Botnia Hydrating Serum



Depending on the day and how your skin is feeling, you can layer both a skin-specific serum and moisturizer or choose one or the other!   Don’t forget the area around your eyes. For your final skincare step, I typically suggest applying a safe, non-toxic sunscreen only if you’ll be out in the sun for the majority of the day or during peak sun hours. And, if you have a multi-functional product that does both- even better.

My Fall Picks: Dr. Loretta SPF + Botnia Eye Cream


Before bed is when I suggest taking a bit more time and intention for yourself and your skin, fully removing the day and prepping the skin for a solid night’s sleep – which is when your body is able to do its reparative work and deeply soak in the benefits from your skincare. 


This is the first – and most crucial – step in any skincare routine. It not only purifies pores and dissolves dirt + buildup, but it creates a clean, fresh foundation to receive the nutrients from your other skincare products to follow.   If you’re wearing makeup, I suggest starting with an oil cleanse first to remove makeup, followed by a regular foam cleanser 

My Fall Picks:  Botnia Oil Cleanser to remove makeup followed by Botnia Daily Face Wash


Toner is like the glue that holds your skincare together.  In addition to balancing your PH, it also helps your treatments and moisturizers soak deeply into the skin.

My Fall Pick: LILFOX Mystical Awakening or Botnia Rose Hydrosol (coming soon)


Target specific skin needs in real-time with facial masks. Regularly (and gently!) stimulating cell turnover with natural clays + exfoliants found in non- toxic facial masks reveals a clarified, calm and more youthful complexion. Apply a thin layer to face 1-3x/ week, relax for 15-30 minutes and enjoy this much- needed “me” time! 

My Fall Picks: I’ve been alternating Dr Loretta Tightening Detox Mask with LILFOX Jungle Glow


Serums are skin superfoods with potent levels of pure essential oils and active ingredients to target and treat specific skin conditions. Try alternating each serum into your skincare routine depending on your unique skin needs! 

My Fall Pick: LILFOX Prickly Pear Oil 


Moisturizers are a must for dry, sensitive and even oil-rich skin types. And remember, when applying your final few skincare products, be sure to layer them from lightest to heaviest to support proper hydration and absorption. 

My Fall Pick: Botnia Restorative Moisturizer

Remember, be gentle on your skin during these seasonal transitions. It’s working hard (just like you!) to adjust to the new weather and protect you from changes in temperature, humidity, and environmental exposure. Don’t forget to also be kind to yourself this season.

If you need specific recommendations for your fall routine, send me an email at; I’d love to hear about your skin journey. 

Happy Autumn, friends!

Xo, Jennie

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