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Five Skincare Practices for Fall

Posted by Jennie Fresa on

Fall is here!  It’s my favorite season.  Anyone else? Unlike most people, I don’t really get the end of summer blues.  I enjoy the change of seasons.  I especially thrive during the Autumn months.  I love the hearty foods that the fall harvest brings; bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts and bok choy, just to name a few.  It’s so important to try and eat seasonally when possible.  I also love fall fashion.  Changing over my closet to fall is one of my favorite activities. Gimme all the cashmere, boots and scarves!  Hehe!

What I don’t like about fall is how my skin tends to act up. Eeesh, it’s like clockwork.

Fluctuating daytime temperatures combined with cool air are a recipe for dry and irritated skin.  Coming off summertime, your skin is recovering from harsh sun, sweating, loads of sunscreens and you may notice that your pores are a little larger, maybe even clogged up a bit.  Do you recognize any of the signs in your skin right now?  It’s a good time for a restorative facial– I’m just sayin’.  You can book one of my Apothecary Facials (100% customized for YOU) here I suggest adding on the LED light therapy to help with pesky sun spots.  

To help you with the season change, I put together five skin care practices to incorporate for your Fall Beauty Reset:

  • Look for ingredients that include naturally derived hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, cranberry seed oil, niacinamide or pomegranate seed oil. Always avoid mineral oil.  This can be applied to your face and body.  Another great tip is to apply a body lotion right after your step out of the bath or shower while your skin is still damp.

  • Honestly, I can’t stress this enough (especially if you're reading this over 40).  Make sure your cleanser is hydrating (not purifying or anything that foams).  Oils are my personal favorite.  Also, you may want to consider skipping toner (or, anything that disrupts the skin's Ph).  Stay away from a product with alcohol in it.  A rose water toner is preferable this time of year or if you’re dry and sensitive.  


  • First, let's get clear on what is an antioxidant.  Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals and chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.  So in layman's terms:  They help protect your skin from these little buggers in the air that cause aging.  You can find them in fruit extracts like watermelons and lemons (this is why a Vitamin C product is helpful).  BUT…..I can’t stress this enough.  Get your antioxidants from your food.  These options look like apples, pumpkin, chia seeds, grapes, honey and chard to name a few season ones.


  • You guys already know what I’m going to say here (especially if you've been in my treatment room).  I’m not a big fan of over exfoliation on the skin during ANY season. But, during Fall less is more.  Always choose natural enzymes (Glycolic, AHA, pineapple fruit extract) over physical exfoliants that are ground to the texture of fine sand.  If you’re using St. Ives, PLEASE throw it out immediately.  Or, use it on your butt if you don’t want to waste it, but please don’t use it on your face.  My suggestion is to exfoliate 1 time a week (max) unless your Esthetician suggests otherwise.  Try this one.


  • So many people tuck away their SPF during the cooler months.  While it is important to get outside (ideally for 15-30 mins before 10am to soak in the sun for natural Vitamin D intake and most likely use supplements).  It’s also important to protect your skin during the winter months.  Look for broad spectrum (has UVA + UVB) protection).  UVB is the wavelength that stimulates Vitamin D, so you want more of that this time of year but without the UVA damage.  Check out my favorite SPF here.

    Ps.  As a bonus, I wanted to share my go-to snacks that are ideal for Fall and GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR SKIN!

    *Chai Tea with almond milk

    *Edamame steamed with sea salt

    *Mixed nuts (ideally with pistachios or walnuts)

    *Roasted pumpkin seeds

    *Homemade applesauce with a dash of cinnamon 

    *Fruit Salad (any combination of apples, figs, pomegranates, pears, grapes, or kiwi with dark leafy greens.)

    Will you try any of these?  Would love to hear your favorite fall snacks.

    I hope this was helpful and you took away a few nuggets of wisdom.  Thank you for reading.  As always, if you have any questions, you can email me at jennie@jenniefresa.com 

    Happy Fall Equinox!

    Xo, Jennie

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