FAQ:  Your Skincare Questions Answered

FAQ: Your Skincare Questions Answered

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What products should I use for my skin?

I highly recommend shopping my lineup of oils + serums at the Sixth House.  While each potion is special in its own way, they were all created to be used interchangeably.  Each oil is chock full of botanicals aimed to provide you with optimal skin health.  All oils can be used day and night, with the exception of the Gentle Retinol Drops, which should be used at nighttime only.  I also have an expertly curated collection of my favorite beauty brands/products for you to choose from.

How can I look more fresh and vibrant? 

Adding plant oils to your skin care regime is key to a healthier, more natural glow. Plant oils are much healthier than creams or lotions (which are mixed with water, waxes and emulsifiers) because they contain high amounts of fatty acids that improve skin quality. These fatty acids can be easily absorbed into the skin to nourish it from within. They are the best way to feed your skin nutrients and provide hydration without disrupting the acid mantle or skin microbiome.


How do I know which cleanser to use?

You may change your cleanser depending on the season or your skin state. If you're in a dry skin state, I suggest using a cleansing balm such as LILFOX AMAZON after Dark or Dr Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.  If your skin is combo, breaking out or oily I suggest the Botnia Daily Face Wash or Essential Enzymes (which doubles as a mask and exfoliator).   Everyone can benefit from using the Botnia Balancing Oil--either as a pre-cleanse to another wash or used alone.


How many products do I need to use daily?

Foundational skincare consists of 3 primary products for optimal skin health.  A cleanser, a moisturizer and sun protection.  Once you have established the best products in these categories, you can build by adding and exfoliating product, toner, serum and mask.  Don't forget many products (like my Sixth House oils) multi-task as your moisturizer and a "targeted solution" serum.


What order should I use my products?

Cleanser, toner (optional), serum, moisturizer.  If you're using a mask, apply it after you wash your face and then proceed with your next step.  If you're exfoliating the skin (I suggest only 1-2 weekly) you will want to do that step after you wash your face and before your serum/moisturizer.   


What is skin cycling?

Skin cycling is a method developed by Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.  I'm a fan. It's a 4 day calendar system for using your products so you don't over treat your skin with too many active ingredients ( a very common condition I see in my facial room).  Below is an example of how to skin cycle:


Night one: Exfoliate 

Night two: Retinol

Night three: Recover (regular regime

Night four: Recover (regular regime)


    -- REPEAT cycle---


What's the best products for dull or lack luster skin?


The Sixth House GLOW --skin brightening multivitamin


What's the best product for combatting lines and wrinkles?


The Sixth House RENEW - gentle retinol drops


What's the best product for inflammation and redness?


The Sixth House SOOTHE - hyaluronic moisture boost


What's the best product for firming my skin?


The Sixth House NOURISH - daily collagen boost


                       SHOP any of these products here!


What other skincare questions do you have?  I'll keep adding to this blog post so you have an ongoing resource at your fingertips...


Xo, Jennie


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