Be Gone Turkey Neck

Be Gone Turkey Neck

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Hi there!

As I prepare for Thanksgiving later this week, my heart is overflowing with gratitude; for my health, friends, family, brand partners, healing hands and all of YOU.  Let me begin my saying thank you, a million times over, for supporting me and my small business this holiday season.  

Today's topic is sort of on theme. ;-)  Let's get right to it.....

Did you know that 90% of us forget about our neck area when we do our daily skincare regime?  I'm guilty.  Until recently.

The loose, sagging, wrinkled skin on the neck is commonly referred to as “turkey neck”.  A rather unflattering term if you ask me.  It is, however, a natural part of our aging process and is caused when our neck muscles begin to weaken and our skin loses its elasticity.  As we get older (wiser and more beautiful ;-) we lose collagen and estrogen so our skin tends to get drier and you’re able to see lines appear with more visibility.

These lines are also emphasized by our everyday activities… RIGHT NOW as you look down at your computer or phone! This ain’t no jive, it’s true.

I’m here to remind you that consistent exercise of the neck muscles can help build them back up.  I’m also here to help you understand SKIN HEALTH rather than trying to stop or reverse aging.  We all want healthy, vibrant skin.  And, that includes the neck. 

Okay, here’s the lowdown:

Certain movements can improve blood circulation in your neck and give it a more tighter and trim appearance.  In today’s video, I will show you my daily facial yoga workout.  It literally takes 2 minutes and makes a huge difference when done regularly.  (Remember: athletes don’t work out every once in a while, they work out daily to stay in shape).

Make sure you are using a good quality, plant based (toxin-free) moisturizer on your neck morning and night.  Check out the Dr. Loretta Anti-Aging Repair Moisturizer. I don’t love the name but it has a supercharged antioxidant in it that defends against pollution (a leading cause of accelerated aging) and peptides to smooth + firm the skin.   Don't forget to apply sunscreen to this delicate area if you’re spending extended time outside.  

Bonus tip:  Every so often, maybe 1-2x a month I do a mask on my neck.  Look for a product that helps to build and strengthen collagen.  The LILFOX Blue Legume Hydra-Soothe Treatment mask is a favorite! ( it will be back in stock very soon!).  Oh, a good face roller never hurt for this area.

I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!  May your turkey neck stay on the plate. ;-)  Gobble, gobble.

Watch the video here!  Ps. Be sure to apply your favorite face oil first. 

Upcoming Events at Copal:

November 27th-29th --Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday

This year, I'm putting together a Copal "Beauty + Wellness Bag" filled with my favorite, copal-approved products AND a $20 Copal gift card when you spend $100 or more (while supplies last; locals can select in-store pick up. Pick up hours are Tuesdays + Thursdays from 11-4pm). No code needed.

December 3rd; 4pm-7pm - VIP In-Store Shopping Event

This event is "invite only".  To get on the list, email me at to join me IN PERSON for holiday merriment, a " BIG secret sale" and "special small business pop-ups".  The invitation is going out later this week.

Lastly, maybe, just maybe, I will open the Retail Apothecary to the public for ONE Saturday in December……would you like that?  Stay tuned.

With so much gratitude,


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